Welcome to the 3rd Grade Journeys Common Core Resources

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This is a resource to use in conjunction with Journeys. Everything is organized by lesson.

Ideas for Independent Study

Unit 1

Lesson 1: A Fine, Fine School (Humorous Fiction)
Lesson 2: The Trial of Cardigan Jones (Fantasy)
Lesson 3: Destiny's Gift (Realistic Fiction)
Lesson 4: Pop's Bridge (Historical Fiction)
Lesson 5: Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates (Biography)

Unit 2

Lesson 6: Bat Loves the Night (Narrative Nonfiction)
Lesson 7: What Do Illustrators Do? (Informational Text)
Lesson 8: The Harvest Birds (Folktale)
Lesson 9: Kamishibai Man (Realistic Fiction)
Lesson 10: Young Thomas Edison (Biography)

Unit 3

Lesson: 11: Technology Wins the Game (Informational Text)
Lesson 12: Tops and Bottoms (Trickster Tale)
Lesson 13: Yonder Mountain: A Cherokee Legend (Legend)
Lesson 14: Aero and Officer Mike (Informational Text)
Lesson 15: The Extra Good Sunday (Humorous Fiction)

Unit 4

Lesson 16: Judy Moody Saves the World! (Humorous Fiction)
Lesson 17: The Albertosaurus Mystery: (Informational Text)
Lesson 18: A Tree is Growing (Informational Text)
Lesson 19: Two Bear Cubs (Myth/Play)
Lesson 20: Life on the Ice (Informational Text)

Unit 5

Lesson 21: Sarah, Plain and Tall (Historical Fiction)
Lesson 22: The Journey: Stories of Migration (Informational Text)
Lesson 23: The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman (Fantasy)
Lesson 24: Dog-of-the-Sea-Waves (Realistic Fiction)
Lesson 25: Mountains: Surviving on Mr. Everest (Informational Text)

Unit 6

Lesson 26: The Footrace Across America (Narrative Nonfiction)
Lesson 27: The Power of Magnets ( Expository Nonfiction)
Lesson 28: Becoming Anything He Wants to Be (Biography)
Lesson 29: A New Team of Heroes (Drama)
Lesson 30: Saving Buster (Realistic Fiction)